System Application Developer job at Tropical Bank

As a System Application Developer at Tropical Bank, the person will be responsible for developing, maintaining, and enhancing system applications, with a primary focus on managing the T24 Core Banking System. The staff will report directly to the Senior Officer, Core Banking & Applications, and work closely with various departments to ensure the efficient operation and optimization of our banking systems.

Key Responsibilities:
Application Development and Maintenance:
• Develop, test, and deploy system applications to meet business needs.
• Troubleshoot and resolve application issues.
• Ensure software quality through code reviews and testing.
• Maintain documentation for all development activities.
• Collaborate with other developers and IT staff on projects.

T24 Core Banking System Management:
• Oversee the daily operations of the T24 Core Banking System.
• Implement system upgrades and patches.
• Ensure data integrity and security within the T24 system.
• Provide technical support for T24-related issues.
• Customize and configure T24 to align with business requirements.

Collaboration and Support:
• Work with business units to understand their application needs.
• Provide training and support to end-users.
• Assist in the development of user manuals and training materials.
• Participate in cross-functional project teams.
• Ensure effective communication between IT and other departments.

Innovation and Improvement:
• Identify opportunities for process improvements and automation

• Stay updated on industry trends and emerging technologies.
• Propose and implement innovative solutions to enhance system performance.
• Contribute to the development of IT strategy and planning.
• Support disaster recovery and business continuity planning.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): 1. Financials:
• Cost Efficiency: Achieve a reduction in IT operating costs by optimizing system performance and resource allocation.
• Budget Adherence: Ensure all projects are completed within the allocated budget.
• Return on Investment: Demonstrate ROI for new system implementations and upgrades.
• Maintenance Costs: Reduce the costs associated with system maintenance and support.
• Financial Reporting: Accurate and timely financial reporting for IT-related expenses and investments.

• User Satisfaction: Achieve a high level of satisfaction among end-users (measured by user feedback and surveys).
• Service Uptime: Maintain a minimum of 99.9% uptime for critical applications, especially the T24 system.
• Issue Resolution Time: Reduce the average time taken to resolve system-related issues.
• Customer Feedback: Regularly collect and act on feedback from internal and external customers.
• System Performance: Ensure the system performs optimally during peak times, reducing customer complaints.

• Process Efficiency: Improve the efficiency of development and maintenance processes by 10% annually.
• Compliance: Ensure all systems and processes comply with regulatory requirements.
• Documentation Quality: Maintain comprehensive and up-to-date documentation for all systems and processes.
• Incident Management: Implement an effective incident management process to handle system outages and failures.
• Change Management: Successfully manage changes and updates to the system with minimal disruption to operations.

• Training and Development: Ensure all team members receive ongoing training and professional development.
• Team Engagement: Achieve high levels of engagement and satisfaction among IT staff.
• Knowledge Sharing: Promote a culture of knowledge sharing and collaboration within the team.
• Performance Reviews: Conduct regular performance reviews and provide constructive feedback.
• Talent Retention: Maintain a high retention rate of skilled IT professionals within the department.

• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or related field.
• Proven experience as a System Application Developer.
• Strong programming skills (e.g., Java, C, SQL).
• Excellent problem-solving abilities and attention to detail.
• Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
• Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
• Knowledge of banking operations and regulatory requirements is a plus.
• Comply with AML/CFT/CPF policies and procedures, non -compliance of which shall be addressed as per the bank disciplinary processes.
• Knowledge of MS Office tools (Excel, Word, Project and PowerPoint)
• Understanding of Bank products and services and knowledge of the banking operation issues in Uganda.
• Fluent in the English Language and any other local language preferably Luganda particularly for explanatory purposes to Bank customers who do not understand the English Language.

Job Experience: No Requirements

Work Hours: 8

Experience in Months:

Level of Education: Bachelor Degree

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