Data Scientist Job at Innovex

Innovex is a technology company which aims to spur Africa’s social-economic transformation. The major products and services of Innovex include; REMOT digital platform, local electronics manufacturing and engineering services.

Innovex’s locally developed premier IoT solution, ‘REMOT’, is helping solar companies fix problems around operation and maintenance of their solar installations. REMOT offers after-sales service support, remote monitoring and controlling solar PV systems and equipment and supporting preventative maintenance and repair activities. To date, REMOT has been used in over 7 countries in Africa by solar companies and international partners.

The company is in an exciting phase of rapid expansion supported by income generated from the above services as well as international support and investment. Pace if fast, environment is friendly, work is interesting.

Description of role
A data scientist uses analytical, statistical and programming tools to collect large amounts of data and uses it to develop solutions, methods, algorithms and software applications that meet user demands. The role requires experience with data collection & management tools, computer programming, machine learning and a firm background in mathematics.

Summary of Job Roles:
• Setting up tests and experiments
• Sourcing & cleaning and filtering data for analysis.
• Development of methods, algorithms and software applications.

• Reporting insights from data analysis in comprehensible fashion.

Detailed job description
1. Extract data from various resources such as the company marketing & sales CRM, Remot database and client platforms.
2. Warehousing of data where necessary.
3. Advise senior management and departments on effective data storage mechanisms.
4. Identify valuable data sources.
5. Automate data collection processes.
6. Analyze large amounts of data to discover trends and patterns.
7. Build predictive models and machine learning algorithms.

8. Present information and insights using data visualization techniques.
9. Develop intuitive and comprehensible data visualizations
10. Develop data visualization tools.
11. Develop data collection tools.
12. Reporting insights from data analysis in comprehensible fashion.
13. Protect company intellectual property.
14. Propose solutions and strategies to technical challenges.
15. Collaborate with other departments.
16. Provide insights for improvement in hardware design and software design.
17. Test and refine solutions.
18. Cater to clients’ requirements and needs.
19. Field visits to assess client’s needs and assess client interaction and functionality of company products.
20. Documentation of work plans, designs and reports.
21. Staying up to date with new technology and teaching other developers how to incorporate new trends.
22. Management of company data management resources.
23. Participate in company planning and strategy development meetings when required to do so.
24. Meeting development deadlines.
25. Carry out extensive research to discover existing techniques.
26. Maintaining professionalism and formality in coding for robustness and reliability.
27. Ensure effective communication with other departments and Innovex management.
28. To supervise and train junior engineers, interns and technicians.
29. To procure necessary tools and equipment.
30. To lead the data science and analysis team when called upon to.

1. Excellent organizational and leadership skills.
2. Problem-solving & troubleshooting aptitude and experience.
3. Strong mathematics background.
4. Knowledge in photovoltaic solar systems.
5. Basic knowledge of databases.
6. General electrical and energy systems knowledge.
7. Experience with the Python programming language.
8. Experience building machine learning models.
9. Flexibility and ability to learn new tools, technologies and concepts.
10. Proficiency with Ms Word & Ms Excel.
11. The confidence to express ideas as part of a creative team
12. A clear and genuine interest in technological trends.
13. Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including proven track record of producing high quality written materials and the ability to present complex, technical ideas in a compelling form to a variety of audiences.
14. Strong communication skills.
15. Ability to work well in a multicultural environment.
16. Attention to detail, good analytical and numerical skills.
17. Understanding of budgets and planning.

1. Bachelor’s degree in Electrical/Telecom/Computer/Electronics Engineering or a related field.
2. Certificate in machine learning or data science.
3. Certificate in photovoltaic solar system installation is a plus.

How to Apply

Kindly send application, CV and relevant documents to:
Deadline: 15th December 2023.
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted

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