Head Teachers (2 Jobs – Nursery School and Primary School) – Merryland Infant & Primary School

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Job Title:    Head Teachers (2 Jobs – Nursery School and Primary School)

Organization: Merryland Infant & Primary School

Duty Station: Kanyanya, Gayaza, Uganda

Reports to: Managing Director and Resident Director

About US:

Merryland Infant & Primary School is located in Kanyanya Gayaza Road.

Job Summary:  The Head Teacher works with the Managing and Resident Directors to ensure the school operates effectively. S/he ensure departments are well managed to achieve excellent academic and co-curricular results. The Head Teacher is responsible for school finances, logistics, academics, assets and staff (highly motivated team of both teaching and non-teaching staff). S/he promotes the school, grows relations with parents and partner institutions to support effective delivery of education.

One Head Teacher will head the infact section (Nursery) and the other will head the Primary School.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

Champion staff to live up to the school vision, mission and objectives. As well as:

  • Demonstrates enthusiasm for infant & primary education and commitment to furthering the school.
  • Lead the management planning processes to develop work plans and budgets.
  • Develop the school’s strategic plans, and master budget jointly with the Directors and management team.
  • Monitors school’s performance; ensuring a school-wide integrated M&E system is in place and operational.
  • Supervises supply contracts and ensuring zero tolerance for fraud, promoting value based culture.

Report to the PTA on matters of strategic measurement, and leadership. As well as:

  • Be secretary to the Board and PTA for governance that result in effective school strategic management.
  • Ensures co-ordination of PTA meetings, agenda, documentation and follows up for results after meetings.
  • Assists PTA in policy development and implementation of procedures and routines.
  • Co-ordinates PTA appraisal process, permitting and facilitating the PTA as they take appropriate actions based on lessons learnt.

Supervise planning and execution of school activities. As well as:

  • Proactively understands the national education agenda, identifying gaps and infant/primary education priorities; taking opportunities to network as appropriate .
  • Leads the team review learning from past teaching engagements to identify avenues for future teaching and lesson awareness campaigns.
  • Supports teaching staff, develop new teaching techniques to improve the school education performance.
  • Review protocols to critique content and identify implications of planned pupil performance drives.
  • Champions strategic planning, school schedules and budget development, ensuring logistical and human resource implications of school programmes are anticipated.
  • Implement staff capacity building programmes for academic excellence. As well as:
  • Ensures mechanisms are developed to review staff performance for improved tool set, skill set and mind set.
  • Develops mentorship relationships, supporting staff in further professional development by coaching.
  • Leads the school carry out learning reviews and implementing improvements, ensuring lessons learned feedback into the design & delivery of future interventions.
  • Oversees recruitment and placement of staff to fill positions in the school in consultation with the Directors.
  • Promotes a culture that supports education and learning through engagement, championing modern teaching practices and rolling them out across the school.

Ensure financial resources to accomplish school objectives are availed. As well as:

  • Develops the school’s financial plan, aiming for comprehensive and activity-based budgeting.
  • Establishes a sustainable fees structure and collection plan, ensuring a wide variety of ways to collect fees.
  • Attends PTA meetings and discussion forums, ensuring parent visits are coordinated to high standards.
  • Ensures school financial management complies with legal financial reporting and internal/external audit.
  • Reports on performance of the school in respect to financial, functional units’ and risk management.
  • Keeps oversight of the procurement and stores management of school

Promote school academics, public image and communication plans. As well as:

  • Jointly with Directors, publishes school performance in academia and co-curricular to raise its’s profile.
  • Engages in academic and education drives by liaising with institutions and government departments.
  • Acts as an advisor to national (strategic level) parent meetings.
  • Behaves in ways that demonstrates high standards of professionalism and ethics.
  • Prepares/reviews reports, highlighting anomalies to the Directors to take appropriate corrective action.

Leads the management team achieve key school goals and objectives: As well as:

  • Communicates to staff clear school objectives and their roles in ensuring the success of the school.
  • Ensures staff understand outcomes expected of them and build good relationships with pupils & parents.
  • Ensures school programmes are planned in cost effective ways and staff given appropriate workloads.
  • Supports staff performance towards optimum (by coaching, preventing/resolving problems, training etc.).
  • Monitors and reviews performance, holding staff accountable to achieve agreed upon targets.
  • Carry out other duties as requested by the School Directors

Qualifications, Skills and Experience:

  • Essential: The applicant must hold an Advanced Diploma in Primary Education, Social work, and Social development
  • Desirable: Degree in Primary Education, Social work, and Social development
  • Essential: At least seven years in leadership role in a busy learning environment
  • Desirable: Having 10 years’ experience with Ministry of Education Sports
  • Technical knowledge or skills:
  • Essential: Leadership/management skills, Infant/Primary education expertise, Resource planning &Accounting Desirable: Experience liaising with multi-stakeholders (Government,
  • Parents and Schools).


Essential Character:

  • Personal integrity
  • Team orientation
  • Results orientation
  • Emotional resourcefulness
  • Proactivity
  • Logical & forward thinking
  • Leadership orientation

Essential Skills:

  • Team management
  • Relationship building
  • Financial management
  • Communication
  • Coaching & mentoring
  • Problem-solving
  • Decision-making


Core Values:

  • Commitment to vision
  • Concern for results
  • Deep respect for diversity
  • Commitment to team work and participative planning approaches
  • Professional ethics

Additional information: Probation period — 12 months

How to Apply:

Application should be addressed to The Director Merryland Infant and Primary School Kanyanya Gayaza Road and send their CVs via email to info.merrylandschools@gmail.com or Call Telephone number : 0200900809.

Hand delivery applications are also accepted. Please specify whether you are a Head Teacher of Nursery or Primary School in your application whether by Email or hand delivery.

Deadline: 14th December 2020

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